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Our Partnerships

We believe the best medical solutions don’t happen in isolation. Our diverse range of partnerships are driven by our goal to find unique life changing solutions to patients’ needs and physician requirements. We want to make a positive difference to the lives of patients whether through innovative medicine that helps improve health outcomes or through technology collaboration that improves the ability to deliver maximum health and wellness.

PRN Rx Pharmacy

PRNRx is a compounding pharmacy focused on providing customized topical options for pain management. Each individual and their corresponding pain condition are unique, therefore each compounded medication provided contains a mixture of different medications, each with different pain-relieving properties. Such medications are combined with a compound which helps to carry the medications across the skin barrier for more effective targeted relief.

Richmond Pharmacy

Richmond Pharmacy provides specialty medication and customized compounding to improve patients’ health and quality of life. Based in Richmond, Texas, the pharmacy focuses on leading the way in compounding by utilizing state of the art technology and highest quality ingredients to create the unique medication formulations that physicians and patients require.


Forward Thinking Solutions
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